1829-1899 – Charles Rathbun was born in the town of Verona, NY. He grew to be a successful farmer, the proprietor of a cheese factory, and a founder of the Utica Knitting Mill, the Farmers’ National Bank, and the Locomotive Works in Utica. He and his sons were also partners of Quentin McAdam Company, a wholesaler of dry goods.


1899 – Quentin McAdams sold his share of the Quentin McAdam Company to his business partners: Ervin B. Kenyon and his son Harry B. Kenyon; Charles Rathbun and his sons Frank B. Rathbun and Walter C. Rathbun. After Ervin Kenyon passed away in the same year, the company was renamed Rathbun & Company. The business was located at 18-20 Genesee Street in Utica and was noted as being a manufacturer of knitwear and workingmen’s clothing as well as an importer and wholesaler of dry goods, hosiery, and notions.


1911 – Charles Rathbun died suddenly, leaving his three sons, Frank, Fred and Walter, responsible for the future of the firm.


1913-1935 – The Rathbun sons moved the company into a new building at 310-312-314 Broad Street where it remained in business until 1935 when all of the remaining partners were of retirement age.


1936-1964 – National Accessories, an auto parts retailer, took over the building.


1965-2009 – The building was acquired by the Mohawk Hospital Equipment Company and later ConMed who utilized the building for medical supply manufacturing.


Today – The Rathbun is now a mixed-use residential loft and commercial space welcoming tenants.